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Treatment & Services

From face massage to microneedling, JU-ENE offers a variety of professional skin and wellness treatments. Whether you're booking for yourself or a loved one, we've got you covered.All services are offered by one of our certified JU-ENE Facial Therapy Specialists.

JU-ENE: The Art of Facial Therapy

Holistic Wellness for Your Mind and Skin

At JU-ENE, we believe in the art of facial therapy, offering transformative treatments that blend somatic meditation, facial sculpting, and advanced massage techniques. Our approach provides an all-encompassing experience, promoting holistic wellness that releases tension, improves circulation, and revitalizes your complexion. With a focus on luxurious rejuvenation, we aim to nurture your mind, soul, and face.

JU-ENE Treatment Packages

Comprehensive Solutions, Tailored Results

Our curated JU-ENE Treatment Packages deliver comprehensive care by combining the strengths of our signature facial therapy, microneedling, and nano needling techniques. Each package is thoughtfully designed to provide progressive results and elevate your skincare journey, leaving your complexion healthier, smoother, and more youthful. Experience the pinnacle of skincare indulgence, all tailored to your unique needs.